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Medea's Very Own Titanic Home Page!!!

The ship of dreams....

Alright, alright. I know that for the past forever we’ve had Titanic overkill! But who cares - I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Yeah, yeah, all you critics are saying "only teeny-bopper love-sick girls watch it cuz Leo DiCRAPrio’s in it" ---- > but hey, he’s NOT crap! And his intense performance was wonderful, not to mention the amazing Academy Award nominated performances by the beautiful Kate Winslet and the charming Gloria Stuart! And let’s give a hand to the phenomenal direction by James Cameron, which by the way, has made him an immortal icon in the movie world.

Oh, and we can’t forget *deep breath* the costume designers for their gorgeous creations (I want Rose’s red dinner dress!), or the make-up and hair people for doing such a great job making everyone look good despite all that water splashing around making it all difficult! (although I question the job done on Billy Zane’s eyebrows…but I tend to knit-pick)

And let’s not forget all the computer guys, camera operators, set builders, Titanic experts, investors, stunt men, extras, crew, the go-fers fetching the very needed STRONG coffee, and all the kagillion people for the long, exhausting hours they put in! Whew! *exhale*

Thanks for giving us a classic!

Now entering the TITANIC GALLERY! *dramatic music*

More Titanic Stuff!!!

Here is a list of some of the Awards (some of which I'd love to win in my future! *crossing fingers* Cross yours too!!!) that this classic movie has won!

Come take a look at the Original Score and Lyrics to the Love Theme! (As if you guys don't already have the soundtrack and know all the words to the song, played over and over and over again......!)

Here is a complete (at least I think) list of Titanic's Cast Members! This is a long page so be patient when loading it!

Want to check out some more cool Titanic Links! Most of them have some great pix from the movie.

Have any suggestions or comments? How about some pix you'd like to pass on to me! *hint, hint* Well, don't be afraid! Talk to me, I won't bite! =Þ You can sign my GuestBook, or contact me @

.....and now back to Medea's Way Cool Webpage!!!

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