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The Cast of ‘Titanic’ (in Credits Order)

~ keep in mind that I don’t exactly know who each person is in the movie....

                            Leonardo DiCaprio---Jack Dawson
                                 Kate Winslet---Rose DeWitt Bukater
                                   Billy Zane---Cal Hockley
                                  Kathy Bates---(The Unsinkable) Molly Brown
                               Frances Fisher---Ruth DeWitt Bukater                                   
                                 Bernard Hill---Captain E.J. Smith
                                Jonathan Hyde---J. Bruce Ismay
                                  Danny Nucci---Fabrizio De Rossi (Jack’s cute pal)
                                 David Warner---Spicer Lovejoy
                                  Bill Paxton---Brock Lovett (explorer guy in the present)
                                Gloria Stuart---Old Rose
                                Victor Garber---Thomas Andrews
                                    Suzy Amis---Lizzy Calvert (chick with Stuart in the present)
                              Lewis Abernathy---Lewis Bodine (cool, same name….)
                             Nicholas Cascone---Bobby Buell
                   Dr. Anatoly M. Sagalevitch---Anatoly Milkailavich (cool, same name, again…..)
                                  Jason Barry---Tommy Ryan
                                 Ewan Stewart---1st Officer Murdoch (take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch)
                                Ioan Gruffudd---5th Officer Lowe
                               Jonny Phillips---2nd Officer Lightoller
                         Mark Lindsay Chapman---Chief Officer Wilde

(Ooh! Long list, need break!)

                               Richard Graham---Quartermaster Rowe
                              Paul Brightwell---Quartermaster Hichens
                                 Ron Donachie---Master at Arms (sounds important =Ž)
                                 Eric Braeden---John Jacob Astor (really rich guy)
                            Charlotte Chatton---Madeline Astor
                                  Bernard Fox---Col. Archibald Gracie 
                               Michael Ensign---Benjamin Guggenheim (rich guy maybe?)
                                 Fannie Brett---Madame Aubert (sounds rich too)
                            Jenette Goldstein---Irish Mommy
                         Camilla Overbye Roos---Helga Dahl
                                  Linda Kerns---3rd Class Woman (I remember her....)
                                    Amy Gaipa---Trudy Bolt
                                Martin Jarvis---Sir Duff Gordon
                               Rosalind Ayres---Lady Duff Gordon

(another break, as the list goes on....)

                                Rochelle Rose---Countess of Rothes (rich chick, of course)
                         Jonathan Evans-Jones---Wallace Hartley
                                  Brian Walsh---Irish Man (oh yeah, loved that guy....)
                                 Rocky Taylor---Bert Cartwell 
                              Alexandre Owens---Cora Cartwell
                                  Simon Crane---4th Officer Boxhall
                              Edward Fletcher---6th Officer Moody
                            Scott G. Anderson---Frederick Fleet
                                  Martin East---Lookout Lee (cool name, wonder what he did....?)
                                  Craig Kelly---Harold Bride
                                Gregory Cooke---Jack Philips
                                   Liam Tuohy---Chief Baker Joughin (the baker!!!) 
                              James Lancaster---Father Byles (he was cool)
                                   Elsa Raven---Ida Straus (hmm, that name sounds familiar.....)
                                   Lew Palter---Isidor Straus
                         Reece P Thompson III---Irish Little Boy
                               Laramie Landis---Irish Little Girl
                               Alison Waddell---Cal’s Crying Girl
                                Amber Waddell---Cal’s Crying Girl (hey, twins!)
                           Mark Ragael Truitt---Yaley
                                 John Walcutt---1st Class Husband
                              Terry Forrestal---ChiefEngineer Bell
                                    Derek Lea---Leading Stoder Barrett
                               Richard Ashton---Carpenter John Hutchinson
                               Sean M. Nepita---Elevator Operator (hey, I remember him!)
                             Brendan Connolly---Scotland Road Steward
                              David Cronnelly---Crewman

(and it goes on, and on....)

                                Garth Wilton---1st Class Waiter
                                Martin Laing---Promenade Deck Steward
                                 Richard Fox---Steward #1
                                 Nick Meaney---Steward #2
                                 Kevin Owers---Steward #3
                                  Mark Capri---Steward #4
                                   Marc Cass---Hold Steward #1
                                Paul Herbert---Hold Steward #2
                                Emmett James---1st Class Steward
                           Christopher Byrne---Stairwell Steward
                                 Oliver Page---Steward Barnes

                                 James Garrett---Titanic Porter
                                  Erik Holland---Olaf Dahl
                                 Jari Kinnunen---Bjron Gunderson
                                   Anders Falk---Olaus Gunderson
                                     Marin Hub---Slovakian Father
                                   Seth Adkins---Slovakian 3 Year Old Boy
                                  Barry Dennen---Praying Man
                                    Vern Urich---Man in Water (oh, that rounds it down)
                         Rebecca Jane Klingler---Mother at Stern (the one who fell?)
                                 Tricia O’Neil---Woman (oh....forget it)
                              Kathleen S. Dunn---Woman in Water (ditto)
                                 Romeo Francis---Syrian Man
                                Mandana Marino---Syrian Woman
                                      Van Ling---Chinese Man (There was one there?! =Ž )

(almost done now....)

                                Dan Pettersson---Sven
                                   Shay Duffin---Pubkeeper
                                    Greg Ellis---Carpathia Steward
                                  Diana Morgan---News Reporter
                                Kris Andersson---Dancer
                                  Bobbie Bates---Dancer
                              Aaron James Cash---Dancer
                                 Anne Fletcher---Dancer
                                    Ed Forsyth---Dancer (there were more than I thought....)
                                   Andie Hicks---Dancer
                                  Scott Hishop---Dancer
                                    Stan Mazin---Dancer (and still more....)
                                   Lisa Ratzin---Dancer
                                  Julene Renee---Dancer 

FINISHED!!!! (thanx for your hard work guys!)

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